2018 - now Founded Ditto Labs and built the activities app Ditto. I’m working alongside Lucas Garza, Michael Schwinger, Sarah Buck, Parker Fritch, Cormac O’Connor, and Dan Gould. Check it out; I’d love to chat with you about it.

2017 - 2018 Worked alongside Braydon Batungbacal on Fanapptic, a point-and-click tool for making mobile apps.

2016 - now Member of a private 50+ person cryptocurrency trading group that I helped create with my brother Lucas Garza and a few others.

2016 - 2017 Started a creative studio in Portugal with my friend Neil Sarkar called Super Serious Company.

2016 Co-founded Titanic Labs and designed Poke Radar, #1 Utilities app that summer in nearly every country in the world. Titanic was acquired by Glu Mobile Inc shortly after it's conception in 2006.

2014-2016 I was one of the first backend engineers at Tinder and worked mostly with node, mongo, redis, and docker.

2014-2016 Founded and led the weekly algorithm meetup LA Algorithm Practice, which had over 400 members.

2014 Co-founded Transactions Plus, an accounting software company, with Louis O'Bryan at Caltech.

2012-2013 Co-founded Riotry with Paul Rada. This project was cut short.

2009-2011 Founded EduSkate LLC, a company that offered skateboarding as an after-school option to elementary schools in California. I was 19 at the time, with twelve employees.

2008 Worked with Kurt Muenzer on Saffron, a company that hand-made skateboards reminiscent of skate shapes of the 1970's.

2000 Started a company when I was 10 called International Paper Solutions, which built and sold origami containers and utilities for student desks. It was promptly shut down by our 5th grade teacher.

1997-2004 Built an operation for the magazine fundraiser in the USA which set a new national record for most magazines ever sold, every year.